We analyze the details of your particular election and target the right voters at the right time to put
your message into voters' hands to get winning results.

Every dollar needs to reach out to voters.

You can’t afford to waste your campaign funds on efforts that don’t win votes for you. The key is targeting the mailing part of your campaign for maximum effectiveness. With our years of experience helping candidates win their elections, we can create a mail plan for your election to reach these voters:

  • Absentee voters, including daily data downloads for the most current voters.
  • High propensity voters.
  • Entire neighborhoods and communities.
  • "Specialty" voting universes (by age, gender, political party, etc.)

We provide each aspect of
your mail campaign:

  • Supply the targeted mailing list(s).
  • Machine-folding, inserting, sealing of campaign letters and fundraising appeals.
  • High-speed inkjet addressing of all political mail.
  • Preparation of all USPS paperwork.
  • Deliver your mail to the Post Office in specially-tagged trays for timely election delivery.